This is an Archived Version of the Low Cost Rides Website and is No Longer Active you can View the Website here All information displayed in the archives is not valid and should only be used for the purpose of comparison.

Check Rates

Competitor Rates are approximate and are calculated using this formula Flagdrop + ((Distance-1) * DistanceRate). Meter Time can not be calculated accurately due to conditions which may increase or decrease the meter time.

Starting Address When Entering Address'es enter as much as you can so that the computer can find it.

Good Examples:
123 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ
Broadway and Rosemont, Tucson, AZ
Tucson International Airport

Bad Examples:
123 Congress (Cant tell if the street is in Tucson, or New York City
6th & 4th Tucson (Can't tell if it's 6th ave or 6th st)
777 Grant Rd, Tucson Az (Can't tell if it's east or West)

If an address continues to not register try adding the zip code or using cross streets instead
Destination Address