• How it works - Driving for Low Cost Rides - Tucson Taxi Alternative


    It is simple, you borrow the car from us on a shift by shift basis. We dispatch the calls to you you pick up your guest (your customers), you put gas in the car and split the proceeds with the company.

    As an independent contractor you are able to work when you want, without the worries of the boss yelling at you. Take a day off to spend with the kids, Want to go out and party Tommorrow night, no problem you have the day off. You make your own schedule choose when and how you want to work.

    Driving a taxi isn't what you do, remember we are not a Tucson taxi company, we are Tucson's Low Cost Transportation solution.

    Every Day is a payday

    It is simple, the more rides you take the more money you make. Just imagine earning $75, $100, or even $200 dollars a day. The only limiting factor on how much you make today is how many rides you can give, its really that simple.


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