• Independent Contractor - and what it means


    For some being an independent contractor means freedom, for other it means extra money, for others it stands for independence, whatever it may mean to you here at Low Cost Rides all of our drivers are Independent Contractors. What this means is that you are providing a contract service, here at Low Cost Rides we connect you with our customers. We provide you with access to our daily influx of calls. As an independant contractor you will operate under the Low Cost Rides name however you yourself are the provider of the service. You are responsible for your own taxes, health care, and any other expense related to your business as an independent contractor.

    Providing cheap taxi service, is not what we do, we connect you the contractor with the customers so that you may supply their transportation needs. While working as an extension and a contractor of Low Cost Rides you will need to agree to charge rates no higher than what the customer is expecting, remember you can always discount our already ridiculously low rates even more if you feel so inclined. 

    If you should have any questions regarding what an independent contractor is or how it all works feel free to give us a call and we gladly take care of whatever those questions or concerns might be.


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