One Ride and You'll Be Hooked

  • Leather is Better

    There's something about a leather interior. Not only does it keep its form for years longer than cloth, it generally avoids the awful scents that cloth seats pick up over time. Our guests never have to worry about their leather seats being too hot or too cold, as our drivers are actually aware of the temperature needs of our guests at all times. Of course, leather screams luxury and those in Tucson who prefer the better things in life are assured a ride in style when they choose our rides.

    Atmosphere is Everything

    Because we are not a Tucson taxi company, we don't have to have those clunky meters and excess equipment all over our cars. In addition, we make sure that everything is in working order before our drivers pick up any of our valued guests. You will never have to deal with broken door handles, seats with uncomfortable springs, or upholstery falling apart. A ride with our drivers will feel like a treat each and every time we have the pleasure of taking you around Tucson.


    When the Mood Calls for That Extra Touch

    Sometimes an event, business affair, or special dinner date is so important that even the smallest detail must be perfect. Not to worry. We have access to a fleet of Tucson limousines of various premium styles for the times when you must have the very best transportation available. Please don't hesitate to inquire about any special items or services you may require. We will do our very best to accommodate all situations.


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