With Low Cost Rides There Are No Surprises

  • Traffic Wait Time

    Tucson taxis post a rate for “traffic” that can range from $20-40.  For most riders, this rate is often disregarded because we assume that it refers to a charge due to being stuck in traffic.  The truth is that taxis are pre-programmed to charge fractions of this time for each moment the taxi is stopped for any length of time, even for a traffic light.  This means that although a guest might assume that their ride was relatively fast and traffic was not a problem, the three stop lights that they stopped at for a total of 5 minutes have actually increased their total taxi fare!

    The Meter is NOT Your Friend

    While not always the case, some taxi drivers will start the meter as soon as they stop at the curb.  This means that if it takes you an extra three minutes to load your groceries into the taxi’s trunk, and another minute to put the cart back, you may be surprised when you get into the taxi and see $7.00 on the meter before you go anywhere!  We take pride in being as helpful as possible when it comes to handling groceries or other items that you may be transporting, and we understand that this always takes a small of time.  It’s just another way that riding with us is far more pleasurable than a taxi…guaranteed!

    Don’t Worry.  We’re still Flexible!

    Although our rides are all pre-quoted so that you know exactly how much to expect your ride to cost, we are just as flexible as a taxi when circumstances change.  When you ride with us, you are our customer and your needs are our primary concern.  Suddenly need to make an extra stop or two?  No problem!  Just let us know as soon as you become aware of the need to change your itinerary and we will be happy to give you a new, pre-quoted price.  You will never have to worry about hearing “my shift is up now so you’ll have to wait for someone else to get you” from our drivers!


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