Taxis Take Forever and Other Complaints

  • You CAN Afford Better

    STOP! You don't have to call a taxi for any of your Tucson transportation needs. Although you may think that you cannot afford the cost of sedan transportation for your everyday ride needs, nothing could be further from the truth! Our fleet includes sedans, limos, vans and other vehicles to make sure that you get the ride you need. Regardless of the vehicle that you require, we still offer the same great pre-quoted rates that Tucson taxis can't beat.

    Your Nose Knows Better

    You only need to use your imagination to understand why most Tucson taxis have "that taxi smell." Why get dressed up for a business meeting or a night on the town, only to have a dirty taxi transform your look and scent? Thankfully, we're different. We're fanatical about keeping our vehicles clean inside and out. We also ensure that your arrival is well received at your destination by requiring our drivers to look and act professional at all times. Ditch that taxi smell and get into one of our rides!

    Wait No More

    When we talked to taxi riders about the things they absolutely hated, we found that trying to guess when or if a driver would ever show up was high on the list. We were so insistent that our customers should know exactly when their driver would arrive that we designed a dispatch system from the ground up. Unlike taxi companies throughout Tucson, we offer our customers the ability to get text message updates when a driver is on their way and when a driver has arrived at the pickup location. Not only are our arrival estimates accurate to within three minutes, customers can visit our GPS tracking page if they want to know exactly where their driver is at any given time. Try to get that from a taxi!


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