Fares and Rates

  • Rates and Fares

    All of our rates are based on the fastest distance from point A to point B. Each trip is calculated on Zones (Approximately 1/2 mile).


    Rate Type Initial Pickup Gas Surcharge Per Zone
    (Approximately 1/2 mile)
    Trip Wait Time
    (Per Minute)
    Ride to Work Program
    Click Here to see qualifications
    Free  Variable*  $0.50 $0.50
    First 5 minutes included
    Scheduled 4 or more hours in advance Free  Variable*  $0.99 $0.50
    First 15 minutes included
    Scheduled less than 4 hours in advance Free  Variable*  $1.90 $1.00
    First 15 minutes included
    Prescheduled Airport
    Variable*  $0.99 Free
    You will not be charged for a delayed flight
    Prescheduled Airport
    Drop Off
    Variable*  $0.99 $1.00
    First 15 minutes included

    Rate Calculator Coming May 2011

    *Gas surcharges

    Gas surcharges are calculated based on the pickup and drop off locations and each set of locations will have a different surcharge, the average surcharge for is between $1 - $3  Surcharges vary from day to day based on the current price of fuel but currently are averaging approximately $0.23 per mile from the pickup location to city center and then an additional $0.23 per mile from the drop off location to the city center.


    Rides may be cancelled up to 2 hours before prescheduled time for Free.  Any rides cancelled 2 hours or less before scheduled pickup will be charged the gas surcharge price as well as any applicable Initial pickup Fee.


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